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The fun Windows application clickNetflix is ​​free to download and offers users many features. With a simple interface, the app allows users to send voice commands to find titles, make changes to account settings, and approve a small window; Although the app can be downloaded for free, you need to sign up for a subscription plan to use the various entertainment options. Netflix is ​​not limited to Windows and can be downloaded to Android, iOS and macOS (function (({) (‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); The popular streaming service Netflix is ​​considered one of the most popular for movies, The media service provider has also agreed to offer new content under the Netflix Originals flag, and because these Netflix movies, mini-series and programs are not available everywhere, they have enjoy your favorite movies and series like never before.The app not only offers personal recommendations based on viewer history, but also has a variety of features not available in the browser, meaning that the entertainment app, like its online equivalent, is not free and requires an interface. The home screen displays a list of the content you are currently viewing view or add to the list. Three of them follow different recommendations that Netflix has adapted based on your viewer history. Other options on the page are categories, search fields, account settings, and if you have used Netflix before, you will understand that the application is extremely familiar. However, the features that have been added are worth downloading for this application. Netflix for Windows offers better UI scaling and resolution to optimize the interface and screen size for your device. It is also much more responsive and can be fixed as a small window as you continue to work with others. With the integrated desktop application, you can control gestures on the TouchPad or through touch functions. Regardless of your input source, Netflix is ​​configured for easy navigation, the application supports Cortana, so you can easily use voice commands to search, play and pause programs and movies at any time! Offering a wide range of content Once you have completed the Netflix registration process, you will have access to many entertainment options, nicely divided into different genres, and by hovering over the Thumbnail you can watch videos, read summaries and get other information such as years produced, grades, roles and more. You can even discover new content by exploring manually selected categories such as thrill, comedy, classic, horror, and multi-tasking. Unlike the web version, the Windows application allows users to view applications while working with other applications! This is a great feature, especially if you want to watch programs without compromising your work. All you have to do is pin Netflix to the right or left side of the screen and continue viewing everything in a smaller window. Returning to full screen is also simple and easy to search and play, while Netflix offers a number of lists and categories that users can explore, sometimes knowing exactly what you want; You may accidentally use the search box to enter the application and Netflix will offer options.Because Windows offers Cortana integration, you can even use voice commands to find title downloads. By downloading the Netflix application to a Windows computer or tablet, you can easily access the content without an Internet connection. That he is right! You can download up to 100 programs or movies to one or more devices. Although the latter depends on your subscription plan, the former is applicable to all users. The app even asks if you want to download the rest of the movies for later! Caption Customization Options With the latest version of Netflix for Windows, you no longer have to compromise on subtitle layout. To customize subtitles, you must log in to Netflix in your web browser, visit your account settings and click Subtitles. When you’ve made and saved all the changes, new options for Windows streaming and sound quality appear. One of the best aspects of the Netflix PC application is its resolution and sound quality. With the app, you can stream up to 4K videos or listen to Dolby surround sound. However, the two functions differ depending on the features of the device and may not be available for all available additional functions. Once you have started using the Netflix application on your Windows device, you can easily change your account and profile. Does the program allow you to cancel or renew your subscription plan, set a parental control PIN, log out of all devices, and review the review process for all active features available to you, provided you use your first Netflix for free for 30 days? Not! It was! Netflix’s one-month free trial was a selling point that brought users together; However, the company has lost this free service almost anywhere in the world. Instead, it now offers different subscription plans depending on whether you plan to watch episodes or movies on your smartphone, TV, or are there any options? While Netflix is ​​a great application for streaming video content, there are other different streaming services that are worth exploring. These include Amazon Prime, Hulu and Disney +. Should I download Netflix? If you want to find new content or just another entertainment platform, you should download it. The Windows application offers a number of features that are missing if you only use the web version. The app also lets you download titles, search through Cortana, and pin a small Netflix window so you can continue watching while you’re working!