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Windows 10 Gamer Edition Enterprise x64 1909 En-Us August 2021 Team-LiL

version 1909 OS Build

we decided to update the 1909 build because it felt more stable than the 2004 build

Created by lil-fella (Team-LiL)

gamer wallpapers and player home menu icons by Avenator

Read the start menu information in the documents folder

Digital License Activation for Windows 10


Clear Auto Activation CMD Activation Script with installation.

if you find it is not activated

Make sure you’re online and not behind a VPN

go to the system in the control panel and click on the active window

and wait for it to activate. maybe even click the troubleshooter

it already has the Windows Store and Edge Browser

Added to build

Update Microsoft Windows

Microsoft framework –

Legacy Direct Play Components

The Microsoft XNA Framework is redistributable

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005-2019 (x86 x64)

Direct 9 – 12

Mega K-lite

WinRAR x64

Smart game booster


Winaero Tweaker


Open the Shell Start menu + extra skins + extra start menu icons

UltraUXTheme Patch

Additional themes

Mobile (in unit C)

X64 blue screen

CPU-Z 196

Driver two

Host file editor +158


Nvidia Checker

Specifications Sys

WhatsInStartup x64


WiFi power

Preset the Power Plan for ultimate performance

Preset the virtual Ram search file to 16000


Cortana, telemetry


Shortcut menu – Activate Notepad to open nfo files

Explorer – Disable Ads & Notifications

Explorer – Disables the list of recently opened applications

Explorer – Disable User Tracking

Explorer – Icon cache increased to 4 MB

Explorer – run in a separate process

Modern UI – Applications – Disable Cortana

Modern UI Application – Cortana Disables Online Search

Modern UI – Applications – Onedrive disables integration

Modern UI – Reduce the speed of closing modern ui applications

Modern UI – Reduce drag distance on cover screen

Start menu – Disable newly added applications

Start menu – Disable the recommended user interface for the application

System – Disable Bandwidth Limit

System – Enable large system cache

System – Increase the drive run time (5 seconds)

System – Increases Closing Speed

System – Improve Windows Shell Response

System – Decrease the start delay for stationary start pins

Taskbar – Increases transparency

Taskbar – Remove Meet Now

Virtual Memory / Swap Files – 4000 MB – 8000 MB

Optimize device – Automatic

Feature removed / disabled

3D builder

3d printing

3D viewer

Modern UI – Bing Finance

Modern Onion – Food and Drink

Modern Onion – Health & Fitness

Modern Onion – Bing News

Sports Ui – Bing Modern

Onion Travel – Modern Bing

Modern Onion – Weather


Framework (SDK for ads)

Framework (people)

Framework (phone call history)

my people

OOBE (short)


Office Hub

A note

Cat 3D



Phone call

3D printing

Retail Demo



Solitaire Collection

Windows feedback

Windows phone

your phone

Zune music

Video Zune

A disc

OneDrive files on demand

OneDrive Onlinebackup

Remote help

Remote computer connection

Remote Desktop (Quick Help)


Services are disabled (they can be activated as required)

Connected User Experience and Telemetry – Disabled

Fax service

print management

telephone service

Printer Support Services

Write workflow services

Windows Insider Software Services

Auto-monitored OOBE (Revised)

Local administrator account

Log in automatically

username = GAME

password = GAME

to set your own username or password, please visit our dispute channel to see how to install this window

Team-LiLAgeneral text chat win-10-gamer-edit-xml

Autonomous file information

select the language at the beginning of the installation

select the place you want to install on your computing device

waiting for installation.

a local GAMER administrator account will be created automatically

the desktop should log in automatically when installed

Points: for activation scripts

MicrosoftAddict Activation Script

Short URL –

IMAGE ISO = GB esd compression used

MD5 = 527F7424B7B049D5057902874C998B25

SHA-1 = 4FEEFAF3241CFCC1ADF3A2B5A10FF4A550B7107D

use Rufus to create USB mounting media from iso images

When creating a bootable USB, don’t forget to choose the right partition scheme for your system drive


more detail in our team-lil discussion in the general text discussion on clean install windows

Don’t just hit and run

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unshared file sharers are blocked ip

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