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PCGranny Horror Live Game is a great game series featuring horror characters. All games in the column are installed in the first person. Your goal is to avoid the embroidered house. Grandma is an ordinary grandmother who follows you. Babu is the character presented in the second chapter of the Fundamentals of Education and Training, and pigs are Bibi’s alternatives that include NPCs you chase away. All games contain a puzzle that you must solve to avoid. The basics of Baldis are less educational than grandma and pig. It is said that a pig is dependent on Bibi. No game is a child (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}}); What is a grandmother? Grandma is a lively game full of surprises. You have five days to run away from home. You start each day in the room. Grandma’s original game starts in the bedroom. The second edition begins in an empty room. You wake up in a cell in Granny’s basement, the two previous versions did not lock the room, the latest version forces you to take the lock to get out of the cell. You will have the secret of self-organization on the way to escape. There will be extraordinary things that may seem important, yet important to your life. Tips will help you with this. Landscapes are hiding places when your grandparents are near you. Some parks may be closed. You can find the key to unlock the lock. You can often find useful things behind closed doors. What you have if your grandparents hurt you will remain so. You can return to pick up the tools as soon as you wake up, as indicated when psychological grandparents hurt you. The theme is great. Old houses make noise when you walk. Grandparents listen to your movements to follow you. You scream when you close the door, drop something, and so on. Grandma uses bats. Grandpa will use a hook or gun, depending on the version you put in the house to catch you. You will be delayed if you fall into traps. Although the mystical part of the game is interesting, the animation is disgusting. Grandma can play tricks with you. You can complete the puzzle you found in Do! Grandma so eng? Grandma and Grandpa are always behind. Slendrina is their granddaughter, who is married to Slenderman. Slendrina and Slenderman are ghosts. Another ghost in history – Angelina. Angelina and Slendrina were killed according to the story. Angelina is the daughter of her grandmother and Slendrina. Angelina killed her daughter, and her husband and knowledge can be interpreted differently. It is widely believed that the grandmother killed her daughter. You can pin Angelina’s spirit to the wall during the game. Grandma and Slendrina are partners in the game. Although Slenderina poses no physical threat to you, she deliberately seems like a nuisance to allow Grandma to have an important moment in the game when Slenderina helps you. Slendrina and Slenderman had a baby that looked like a spider. Grandparents can do you more harm. You can choose whether you want to play with your grandparents or just play with one of them. The difficulty increases if both of your grandparents can choose the difficulty level before you start a new game. Simple, natural, complex and extreme is the choice to choose from. A practice method is available to test your skills. You can choose to turn music on or off. Perfection is manifested in a low or high game filled with mystery. Grandma is a constructive lottery. You need to plan your exit carefully. Grandma is full of trialand error. While the balance between creativity and logic makes Grandma compelling, can there be enough scary images you don’t want new? The developers are updating Granny completely. You can play Granny on cell phones, tablets, computers or laptops. Downloads are available for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows devices.