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FIFA 21 (FIFA 2021) -one of the world’s most famous football simulators. Every year, EA Sports releases a new version that includes several changes and improvements. With FIFA 21 you can play in the stadium, on the street or try other modes such as Ultimate Team – FIFA 21 offers more ways to play than ever before. Ready for other football games, FIFA 21 is unsurpassed in authenticity. You will find more than 30 official leagues, more than 700 teams and more than 17,000+ legal players. The closest rival to the FIFA game series is Pro Evolution Soccer, which has a more arcade style and does not match the authenticity. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Gaming Capabilities The new Agile Dribble system allows you to be more creative when playing 1-1 situations. Perform fast footwork with sensitive close-up control and use brand new skills, such as the wrong ball, to overtake defenders. This time, game information has been added to allow players to make better investment decisions. . Your teammates and opponents will run better at the right time and close the attacks as if there was the right player on the field. You also have a lot more control over your defensive breakthrough with three new creative runs: directed runs, managed passes and passes, and player blocks. A better collision system means that when players collide with each other on the field, their responses become much more realistic than they all break. These critical moments, like the skateboarding of the goalkeeper or the fight for mediation for possession, are even more credible and enjoyable. EA has also made changes to the basics of the games. Manual entry, blocking, reaction, and headers have been enhanced to improve the overall quality of the game. Career Mode 21AIF Career mode allows you to control all aspects of the team as you try to reach the top of the league. With Interactive Sim Match you can enjoy the game in a completely different way, jumping and leaving the action as neededand making changes during the match. The player development feature allows you to better manage the training and development of your players, so you can create a team that suits your style and eliminate shortcomings. You also have tools such as clarity of matches and active training, which provide valuable information about the work of the team and allow you to set up specialized training to improve the results of your players when it is most important. You can even negotiate when players train and rest to balance morale and fitness. In general, transfer options offer even more realism, so you can sign all kinds of contracts and sign new talents for your team. FIFA 2021 Ultimate Team Final Team is probably the most popular FIFA game mode. This allows players to create their ideal team while providing challenges and goals for reward. When you can connect players from different teams and nationalities, you have endless possibilities. Can you play the game Ultimate Team offline or online alone or with friends. This year, the Environment Agency has simplified a lot of management, so you can spend more time playing on the field and less time leading the team. great features such as individual gameplay, setting changes, cool gear, unique game types such as VOLTA start, VOLTA world, VOLTA Story and VOLTA League. With FIFA 21 you will find more ways to play with three friends, including battles, as well as a special first acquaintance with VOLTA with the legendary players Kaki and Lisa Zimouch. The FIFA 21 update may not make innovative changes to the series. , but brings new features and improves existing ones. It cannot be won in terms of reliability. If you dreamed of combining Eric Canton, Zinedine Zidane, Game, Maradona and Messi into one team, you can do it in the Ultimate Team. , you can meet VOLTA to taste the street ball.